Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 149 calls this week:

Abandoned vehicle 2

Agency assistance 1

Alarm 5

Animal bite 1

Animal complaint 1

Animal noise 1

Animal pick up 3

Assault 1

Citizen assists 6

Civil matter 4

Controlled substance problem 2

Dead body 1

Disorderly conduct 1


File false police report 1

Follow up investigation 1

Fraud 2

Graffiti 1

Hit & run 2

Intoxicated person 3

Juvenile problem 1

K9 search 2

Keep the peace 2

Lost property 1

Minor gambling 1

Miscellaneous CAD call record 11

Noise disturbance 2

Non-LEO incident 2

Nusiance or minor disturbance 1

Parking problem 3

Person on foot 8

Phone harassment 2

Property damage, non-vandalism 3

Reckless driver 1

Robbery alarm 1

Sex offender verification 1

SRO related activity 4

Suicidal person 3

Suspicious person 15

Suspicious vehicle 2

Theft   3

Theft from vehicle 2

Threatening 2

TPO restraining order 3

Traffic accident w/damage 1

Traffic accident w/o injury 5

Traffic problem 5

Traffic stop 2

Transport 3

Trespassing 5

Unknown problem 2

Verbal disturbance 1

VIN number inspection 5

Weapon offense 1

Welfare check 3

Oct. 14

Person on foot: An officer conducted a male adult standing in the roadway, the male was taken into custody.

Trespassing: Officers responded to a trespassing call. One male was arrested for an active warrant out of Mesquite.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Responded to a two car collision with no injuries.

DUI: Officers responded to a reckless driver call. The female driver failed the field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI first offense.

Oct. 15:

Theft from vehicle: Officer completed a report of a stolen firearm from a motor vehicle.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officer completed a non-injury traffic accident report.

Threatening: Local casino called the Police on a male who made threatening statements. As a result of the investigation, the business signed a complaint against the male who was later taken into custody.

Oct. 16:

Suicidal person: A female adult voluntarily requested to go to the hospital for mental help after making threats of suicide.

Lost property: Officer took a report of a past burglary.

Dead body: Officer responded to a Harbor Dr. residence reference an agency assist call. Upon arrival Officer spoke with MFD who advised the male inside was deceased. An Officers report was completed.

Trespassing: Officer responded to an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino in reference to a trespass violator. One adult male was arrested for trespassing.

Trespassing: Officer responded to a local casino for a trespassing call. Officer issued the female a citation for trespassing and she left the property without incident.

Miscellaneous CAD call record: Male in custody would not stop using emergency line in the cell connected to Dispatch. After multiple warnings, the male continued to abuse the service.

Oct. 17:

Traffic accident w/o injury: A report was taken for a minor traffic accident at a Mesquite intersection.

There were no reported injuries.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a local business reference a report of vandalism.

Oct. 18:

Theft from vehicle: Officers responded to the Police Department reference a theft from a vehicle. A report was completed and there are no suspects at this time.

Theft: Officers responded to a W. Pioneer Blvd. business in reference to a theft, one famale adult was issued a citation and released.

Person on foot: An officer contacted a male who was standing in the middle of a roadway. The male was issued a citation for intoxicated person in the road.

Disorderly conduct: Officers were called to a W. Sandhill Blvd. convenience store for a male who was causing a disturbance. The male was arrested for Breach of Peace.

Oct. 19:

Graffiti: Officer responded to a report of graffiti inside a Rivers Bend Dr. subdivision. Report was taken and property management was contacted to have the graffiti removed.

Controlled substance problem: An officer conducted a traffic stop on the Interstate for a violation and observed signs of illegal activity. After an investigation, the driver was arrested for possession of several pounds of edible marijuana. Two firearms were also located and kept for safe keeping.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a residence reference a vehicle that was damaged during a verbal dispute.

Weapon offense: Officers responded to a local residence reference a report of a weapons offense.

Minor gambling: Officers responded to a local casino reference a report of a minor gambling. One male was cited and released.

Traffic stop: An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation. The male driver was arrested for two no bail warrants and a traffic offense.

Theft: Officers responded to a local business in reference to a theft, one male adult was cited and released for Petit Larceny.

Oct. 20:

Hit & Run: Officers took a report of a hit and run at a business, the investigation is on-going.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a Mesa Blvd. residence and took a report of property damage.  There are no leads at this time.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Dispatched to a private property non-injury accident. On arrival, vehicles had been moved to parking spaces. Drivers informed me (Woodmancy) that V2 had been proceeding east on the traffic lane between the casino building and building 5.

Driver 1 was driving north in the traffic lane beside Building 5 and did not see

V2. She pulled out into V2’s path and struck it. Damage to V1 was scrapes, dents, paint transfer abd broken glass on the left front. Damage to V2 was scrapes, dents paint transfer and sheet metal damage on the right front.

Because DMV checks showed V1 registration was suspended for lack of insurance and D1 did not have current insurance card, an officer was requested to handle that part of the accident. Officer Vent responded and advised D1 that the vehicle’s registration is suspended and it could not be driven on the roadway until it was valid. Driver’s information exchange forms were completed and exchanged; nothing further.

File false police report: Officers responded to a Mesquite Springs Dr. residence reference a trespassing call. One adult female was cited and released for abuse of emergency services.

Controlled substance problem: An officer conducted a traffic stop for an equipment violation. Following a K-9 sniff of the vehicle, a large amount of marijuana was located. Two adult males were arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sale.

Civil matter: Officers responded to a Mesa Blvd. casino reference an accident involving a vehicle and bicycle. It was determined there was no contact made between the vehicle and bicycle. A report was completed.

Theft: Officers responded to a W. Pioneer Blvd. business in reference to a theft, the unidentified male suspect has not been located at this time.