Total Calls for Service: 51*

911 Transports: 26

Non-Transports: 12

Inter-facility Transports: 7

Fire Related Incidents: 7



E-11, R-11 Responded to Pioneer / Mesa for a report of a vehicle accident. R-11 transported one female to Mesa View for evaluation.

E-11 Responded to Burns Lane for a possible structure fire. Upon arrival, initially unable to locate source of smoke in area. Eventually found that there had been a grass fire which had been extinguished by bystanders.


E-11, E-31, R-12, R-11, MPD, Mesquite CERT, Bunkerville E-71, WT-71, Beaver Dam B-31, WT-21, BE-23, AZ DPS, BLM all responded to a report of a large brush fire behind Hafen Park. Temperature at time of alarm was 118*F. While in route, very large column of smoke visible and mutual aid requested. E-11 made initial direct attack on fire but was unable to stop progression of fire at initial fire break. With assistance from Beaver Dam and Bunkerville, able to stop fire progression to the East, literally at large power transmission lines. Power poles scorched, but not compromised. Progression to West eventually stopped as well, but not before fire had consumed 13.4 acres. After knockdown, BLM had enough resources on scene and was able to assume control of incident since majority of burn area is Federal Land. The fire investigation and follow up is being handled by Federal Fire Investigators.


E-11, R-11:  Responded to the area behind Hafen Park for a report of a brush fire in the same area that burned day before. Found multiple small areas of hot spots still smoldering from previous fire. Areas cooled down with shovels and water.


Non-Transports include: Patient refusals, lift assists, patient deceased at scene, no patient found, no incident found, Incidents handled by other agencies.

*Call totals do not always add up to the Total Calls for Service due to multiple patients/incident types at a single incident.