Oh for the love of Social Media; are you tapping in near and far through sites such as Face Book, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and more…its social media frenzy. If you’re one who enjoys uploading photos of places you go, along with selfies, the food you eat and day to day activities…then you might want to think about becoming an  ‘Influencer’ on social media. Yes, it’s a real job with real pay. The Influencer is a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media. It sounds great, not to mention easy for some, but it comes with a few requirements…you must stay active while tweeting and constantly retweeting to promote relevant content to the subject you were hired to sell. The more sites you’re on the better chance of success you can have as an Influencer.

This ideal job is for the person who loves to be on their devices all day long, and evenings, weekends, Holidays, whenever really. But, there’s a handful of those who probably got lucky when someone came knocking at their door to place an ad on their web page or you tube channel. Companies’ loves seeking out the ‘unexpected’ when it applies to advertisements; real people in real time often capture a broader audience. As I began researching online, I came across a company site for those seeking to become an influencer. This company offers a program which after completion earns you a diploma; as long as you pass their exam. I wasn’t aware they had schooling for Influencers; in reality its digital marketing… https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com . What’s difficult for me to understand is the cost of this 30 hour course…$2445.00, with an enrollment deadline of September 7th (now past) and not sure if the cost goes up from there.

Top Influencers can make upwards of $100k, though it’s apparent the average is compared to the annual income of a McDonald’s employee; according to an article posted by https://www.highsnobiety.com . Dreaming about becoming a high earner in this field takes the right interest, the right look and ability to gain thousands or millions of followers on your social media accounts. Most of the top-tier influencers dedicate much of their time creating content that works, while studying their competitors in the same field. For those interested in more facts, you can download the report ‘The State of Instagram Marketing 2018’ at https://later.com/blog/instagram-statistics-2018/ . If you think you have what it takes, you should probably read this report, as Instagram is predicting a boom in the years to come. It gives statistics on prioritizing content, what your focus should be on and why creating stories needs to be a part of your strategy. Finding the right Marketing Platform is vital to being successful; planning future posts and managing your account is imperative, like running a small business. Instagram has a video that shares ideas on how to generate more traffic and followers to your posts.

It’s definitely a different world out there, and there’s no shortage of unique jobs. A while back I inquired about this young woman, who bought a Mercedes, yet she never left her home; apparently she does videos in her kitchen and a large company offered her money to use her posts for advertisement of kitchen products. See how this works? For what it’s worth, if you enjoy social media…you might just take the leap and give it a go; after all, we are all creating our own stories, along this journey we call life.

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