June 11, 1909: A U.S. Geological Surveyor came in on the mail last week and took a trip to the Key West Mine.

June 9, 1917: Clark County responded to the call of the President in a patriotic manner Tuesday when 685 men between the age of 21 – 30 inclusive registered in the army draft enrollment. Of the 685 there were 21 from Bunkerville and 21 from Mesquite.

June 8, 1920: The early peaches, plums and apricots are ripe.

June 15, 1922: A.B. Marshall and C.H. Bigelow drove the Arrowhead Trail 853 mile from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City in twenty six hours and twenty one minutes running time. They had R.J. Grower along as observer and are spending 8 hours to rest in Littlefield, AZ.