I have lived in Mesquite for over 10 years. I always try to do business with local companies to support our community. Lately, I have had several projects that need attention. I have called numerous companies to do this work. I can’t tell you how many messages I have left with no call-backs or how many appointments I have scheduled only to have no one show up or bother to call me back and reschedule or explain their no show. I have called businesses in Las Vegas or St. George and have had great success in scheduling work or call backs rescheduling. Very discouraging in that my money supports other communities rather than Mesquite. However, since the Mesquite business community does not care about local customers, I will continue to support companies who value customers wherever they are. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear they will be Mesquite businesses.

Michael Stilley

Mesquite, NV



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