April 5, 1919: All the young folks went from here to Bunkerville Friday for a May dance. We had a splendid time.

April 6, 1916: Dixie Boys Win. The decision in the debate on Saturday night at Reno, NV, between the B.Y.U debating team Le Roy Hafen and John T Woodbury, and a debating team representing the university was awarded to the B.Y.U team. (The B.Y.U team are both Dixie boys Le Roy Hafen being of Bunkerville, NV and J T Woodbury Jr., son of St George County Clerk John T Woodbury.

April 8, 1916:  Our high school basketball boys returned last Saturday with the proud title of state champions.

April 8, 1922:  Mr. Kelly, Superintendent of schools in this district, was here yesterday and the day before looking after the starting of the new school building. Fred is the builder.

April 8, 1922: During this week there has been considerable snow fall on the nearby mountains, which looks good to the farmers.

April 9, 1908: Joseph H. Reber and Henry Frehner of Littlefield, AZ were transacting business in Washington County last Friday.