By Richard Brown


What colors are good for me? What shades work well for spring?

You can begin by going to YouTube, search for the latest fashion shows. Look at Chanel, Tom Ford, Versace and others; note the colors that will be used in their lines this spring.

Notice the hues, colors and leafy pastels the Designers’ use; these will be the colors you’ll want to have in your beauty arsenal for the upcoming year.

These may be the colors in your arsenal but your make-up practices will need to change. No longer do we use “matchy-matchy” with our clothing.  We choose colors to enhance our eyes, our skin tones and our lifestyles; from the colors you’ll be working with this year, choose what best matches you.

When choosing an eye shadow color best for you, keep in mind your lifestyle and the color of your eyes.  Be careful with blue and green eyes as eye shadows with heavy red tones will not enhance but bring out eye redness.

The first step is to place a flesh tone eye shadow on as a base so the color eye shadow does not float around the skin and crease.  The base should cover from eye brows to eye lashes

Now the color eye shadow application.

If your eyes are far apart, you will want to apply your eye shadow first at the inside of each eye out away from the nose.

If your eyes are close together start at the outside of your eye and move towards your nose, remembering that wherever you put the eye shadow first will have the most color.

When choosing a color for your blush, use a softer, more natural color for daytime to apply only to the apples of your cheeks.  For daytime we do not go up the cheekbone.

For the evening use a darker, richer color.

Remember to apply lightly for the daytime and add more for the evening.  We are not about covering, but about softening our look.

Thanks to the giants of the beauty industry, Helena Rubenstein, Alexandra de Markoff, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo of M-A-C and lets not forget the Queen of Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, we have many more beauty opportunities and choices today.

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Next month, we will talk about using Bronzers and Foundations.