March 31, 1906: A heavy flood came down the Rio virgin a few days since and washed out the Bunkerville and Mesquite Dams, but a force of men and teams are repairing them and there will soon be water available again.

March 31, 1906: E Bunker Jr Has just put out 40,000 to 50,000 seedless grape cuttings on the raisin farm.

April 1, 1910: Mrs. Emily Bunker, who has just passed her 82nd milestone, received a serious fall the fore part of the week. She was cleaning her feet on the edge of Bp Bunker’s porch and her hell caught in the rug she was using, throwing her off the porch onto the ground. Fortunately, no bones were broken but she had a severe shake up, and as a result is bed-fast.

April 3, 1910: Lucern is being cultivated by some farmers.

April 3, 1910: S.W. Horling of Key West Mine has just come with a man from Nickel Trust people to examine the Key West property.

April 4, 1908: For the past two weeks prof. G.C. Ross, Dist. Supt. of Nye and Lincoln Counties has been making headquarters in Vegas and inspecting the schools. At Bunkerville he reported a school with over 100 students in an elegant building that cost $5000. It was built by bonding. At Mesquite 5 miles away is another prosperous school of 90.Life on the farm evidently carries out Teddy’s pet theory.