The days of politics and round table discussions aren’t just for voting adults anymore, it seems everyone has an opinion and wants to express their personal political views. Americans are fearful and dissatisfied with our two presidential candidates, it’s no wonder uncertainty and speculations arise in nearly every political topic among families and friends, not to mention politicians. As many of us watch the daily news, we know what we will hear…”Hillary this…etc. and Trump that…etc. It’s the year of slandering and undermining endless commercials. People everywhere have something to say; and while it’s not positive for either side, its hurting relationships with one another; disputing topics such as gun policies, racial views and immigration laws, etc.

Friendly conversations among peers, families and friends about politics are ending up in raging disputes these days; questioning their beliefs, morals and values. There are pretentious stories of both political parties, but it doesn’t stop those from believing that their political party (voting republican or democrat) is the right one for the job. In reality, most people feel that neither constituent is the correct choice. Many people have decided to voice their opinions loud and clear this year, while some get nasty on social media. Derogatory (political) remarks posted online have caused some friends to actually ‘unfriend’ those that express themselves, showing intolerant behavior, leaving the ‘other’ side questioning their beliefs. From young people to elders, we all have opinions about this presidential campaign…but to have heated discussions with loved ones over such trivial crap has gone a bit too far. There are people that won’t speak with one another since harsh words were spoken over political views, which obviously means they are on opposing sides; arguing to the point of ridiculousness.

Politics should not be the ruins for broken relationships, whether it’s family, friends, or anyone for that matter. As this presidential race continues, I think Americans everywhere could use a bit of a break from the ongoing political views from all, as the finger-pointing between both parties also continues. Once this election year is finally over, people will need to take a deep breath and pray for the best. It’s time to move on to more important things at hand; keeping your personal relationships in check. Let’s spread the Peace and Love, because we all need and want to be loved…including our country. Making America great again is a group effort by all.

Make your week count.