Dec. 21, 1915: H. P. Iverson, who recently got lost while returning from Washington, has recovered from the effects of the bad time he underwent. He is 81 years old and is now hale and hearty.

Dec. 22, 1919: Mr. and Mrs. J.R. McKnight have just returned from a trip up north. They reported having snow at Minersville and that they had a very cold and disagreeable trip.

Dec. 25, 1915: Las Vegas Age: County Commissioners returned this Wednesday after an auto trip[ lasting five days. They carefully inspected the road from Jean to through a point near Littlefield Ariz. and found it to in very fair condition; the Virgin River crossing between Bunkerville and Mesquite being the only disadvantage to travel. The plan is to ultimately build a steel bridge.

Dec. 27, 1916: Christmas passed here very quietly, an entertainment at 2 o’clock a few sports in the afternoon and a dance at night. An inch of snow fell Christmas even the children were delighted to see it the next morning it didn’t last long.