Something is not happening, regardless of what the government says there is no economic recovery. Unemployment down, nonsense, if you remove enough people from the potential workforce you can get any number you want. All anyone has to do is look around and see empty shops and vacant buildings.

Find a business that is open, walk in and ask them how’s business and they will tell you. “Not good but we’re hanging on” at best you might hear an “O.K.”. That doesn’t sound much like a recovery. Why hasn’t business come back after all we poured millions into a “stimulus”? So what’s going on?

One is the manipulations of the numbers to make the government’s efforts look good and to keep the people in public office looking good. What can be done about it, nothing. As long as we have people in office who think lying to the American people is doing the right thing. What has happen to integrity in the people who serve?

Also in question is what happened to all the jobs? Thanks to the government agencies they have been able to kill off most of them except for more government jobs. Try and start a lemonade stand and you will face people from the Health Department insisting that you get training in food handling and the city insisting on a license and of course all the fees involved.

Then we have to face the big gorilla of them all the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under the guise of protecting the environment they grab power everywhere. Who are these people and who voted them in? Their job seems to be to shut down every business that might change the environment.

They want to reduce carbon dioxide, the stuff we breathe out and that the plants breathe in and then producing oxygen. When you think about it man is the problem. We need food to eat and water to drink, if they could cut into that we (those of us left) would leave the world a better place or so they think. Control everything that moves under its own power. Control is their reason for being, unfortunately men and women move on this earth and they are screwing up the environment.

Think if they were in control when America was built into a powerhouse; no Carnegie Steel, no Rockefeller oil, no Henry’s Fords. Yes these people who built America into a powerhouse did some damage to the environment but that been cleaned up and unfortunately no industries like that could be built today.

The steel industry has pretty much left the country and car manufacturing is mostly gone overseas where the EPA has no authority. Look at oil, America developed fracking to produce oil from unproductive fields yet the EPA is trying to shut them down with help from oil producing countries. Let’s think about that claim, oil is produced from 4, 5 and even 10, thousand feet below the surface, water is produced within a few hundred feet of the surface.

Someone is going to say the farmers in California are drilling deeper wells and yes that is happening because the EPA has insisted the Delta Smelt is more important than water to the farmers. So the farm workers who used to be employed are living on welfare in squalid conditions. The productive farms in the central valley lay fallow. Then there is the proposal to control farm runoff which will put our nation’s farmers at risk.

It is the same everywhere, control, control and even more government control, let the people be dammed and that is exactly what is happing the people are dammed to no jobs or lower paying jobs. America is collapsing because of Washington bureaucrats who seize power and use it to what they determine as a just cause. Environmental protection is certainly an important cause but not at the expense of the people and their lives. “We the people” must speak up and reject the regulations that cost jobs and provide very little protection. We must change the focus to be looking out for the human species first and rebuilding America to the economic powerhouse it once was.