What a horrific week our Nation has experienced. There are so many first responders who deserve our heart – felt gratitude and especially prayers for those who lost husbands, wives, moms, dads, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters as well as all those on the long road of recovery from their injuries. We all mourn for the fallen because of the tragic act of violence and cowardliness portrayed on Sunday evening week past. We praise the Mesquite Police Department (MPD) for their outstanding efforts and assistance during their investigations in Sun City and in the city of Mesquite stemming from follow – up leads and their professionalism in outstanding police work.

However, as always, with all the professionalism and the hard work of so many, there always seems to be one dark cloud that manages to raise its ugly head in the midst of tragedy.

I, a resident of Sun City Mesquite (SCM), for nine years, experienced such on the afternoon of Monday October 2, 2017. I was contacted by our Resident Manager of SCM since I, one of several, who heads up Block Captains’ security groups in SCM developments. It was stated that once the MPD cleared the area of concern in the particular neighborhood, it would be necessary for someone to “man” this area so there would not be an overflow of onlookers, thrill seekers or just curious individuals attempting to visit that neighborhood’s cul-de-sac in question and become a nuisance to the other residents in close proximity there to.

I was contacted to give my input into this suggestion to which I advised those of SCM, in authority, that I felt it would not be in the best interest of SCM nor was this a Neighborhood Watch Program area of responsibility because of safety issues, to direct its residents to provide security, overnight. My suggestion was to allow the MPD or the Mesquite Citizens Volunteer Police (MCVP) to handle any security issues that may arise. After additional suggestions and troubleshooting measures were discussed, the SCM Manager agreed, wholeheartedly, with my suggestions and concerns.

After I met with the on – site MPD Commander in charge at the location of concern, it was determined that the MPD was clearing the location by 6:00pm and that the MCVP who had been on site for twelve plus hours would not be returning. Further, after my telephone calls to MPD dispatch and the volunteer Commander of the MCVP I was advised that SCM would have to provide its own security detail, if one was deemed necessary, mainly because the area in question was private property, not a public area of the City of Mesquite.

I was advised by these above individuals, MPD and MCVP that it had been suggested, much earlier in the day, to SCM, that they should contact a private security company or contact any of the security staffs who “man” the various casinos in Mesquite to obtain a security detail to handle any of SCM’s concerns. I was told that this was not done.

I was further advised by MPD that their officers, for after hour security requests, would cost SCM $80.00 per hour, per officer.

I was also advised that any security company, even local and not from Las Vegas would charge their hourly rate for providing security. From these comments made to me, I felt that Pulte just did not want to pay for an experienced security force to do a professional job, but would have rather had their SCM residents, instead, possibly put their lives in danger.

Further, I was advised and it was determined that Pulte, who builds in SCM, advised  they did not want a public display of force but rather this security effort should be conducted in a more subtle and subdued manner; thus, again putting the residents, who purchased property in SCM and built homes in the range of $200,000 to $450,000, which totally and solely benefits Pulte, in a possible position of risk for their own safety to provide the above requested security.

My advice, then, was to have the Pulte Executive Officers, staff and personnel personally come to SMC and provide the security, themselves, in the manner they felt was necessary.

Pulte’s interest in this matter was surely not for the concern or safety of its many residents of SCM, but more concerned for their own financial wellbeing and wealth in which they demonstrated how not to assist and how not to be responsible and caring to the residents of SCM. I am sure they could have tapped into some of their Corporate funds’ reserves to aid in this endeavor, namely, paying for a professional security force, since our various SCM HOA funds, which are provided by the residents of SCM, are never meant to be earmarked for such matters. Sad!

Dave Harvilak