Mayor LitmanIt’s a new year in Mesquite. I believe it’s going to be a good one. Last year I had the opportunity to write the Mayor’s Corner for this paper from time to time. I touched on a variety of topics that I thought would interest you and promised continued dialogue on those that needed follow-up. Starting out this year, I’ll continue and as the year progresses, try and keep everyone up to date on anything new that is important to this community.

One article I commented on is the increased population growth and economic development. I told you that new houses and population growth is good, but it doesn’t pay the bills. It looks like we grew around four percent this past year. That’s good, because economic development is growing as well. Several new companies have either opened up or will shortly. Several others are looking closely and the summer completion of the Exit 118 ramps on the I-15 will spur more growth. New jobs will follow and we may start seeing the balance we need. It’s not fully here yet and may not be for a while, but it’s a good start. We are following our Master Plan carefully so we don’t end up like we did with the adverse results following the great recession. We don’t have city money to lose and have no intention of throwing it away as done in the past.

I wrote last year about Gold Butte. Have not heard much about it lately with all the focus on Oregon and the Bundy bunch. The Fed’s need to get off their backsides and get all of this resolved or drop the matter. I hate loose ends. As far as the future of Gold Butte, it’s in the hands of Washington. I think everyone knows what that means, nothing will happen. We, in city government had tried our very best to settle the future of Gold Butte but so far very little that I can see has happened. The President may declare the area a national monument on his way out or doing nothing and leave it to the next administration to play with. Only time will tell. I read a recent report that deciding the Gold Butte issue will be a financial boost for Mesquite. I can only say, ‘show me the money.’

As this year progresses I will be working closely with the county to move our new library forward from the design stage to ground breaking. The Mesquite Star will be re-branded and should open at the end of the year. I anticipate further positive announcements in the coming months. Our future is bright. Happy New Year.