It was a sad morning; we just learn that our Zumba Gold instructor at the Senior Center Griseyda Belalcazar has tendered her resignation.  Why did she give notice to leave a job she loves and is excellent at?  She clearly loves us her students and does her job at the senior center efficiently. I have not heard complaints from other patrons since she has been with us. She will not speak of the reason why she feels she cannot stay. Except to say it is work related. It seems to me and others; someone wants her gone and is making things unpleasant for her.

Back a few years ago Griseyda Belalcazar was Program Coordinator at the Rec. center, she left there to come to the senior center, again there seemed to be issues at the Rec center then causing her to come to the Senior Center which was very lucky for us seniors

Her boss at the senior center and her boss at Rec center was and is Nick Montoya, Director of Athletics and Leisure Services. He oversees all the instructors. It seems to me management is a common denominator here that needs to be looked at to get some of these ongoing issues solved.

We seniors love the senior center. The Recreation center is geared more for the younger residents and kids which is good, but we need our senior center and classes that are geared to our age group. Griseyda has always made everyone feel welcome and sought to make her classes doable and fun for all abilities. Most of Mesquite residents are senior citizens who pay property taxes and dues.  We deserve to have our voices and feelings acknowledged and granted.   We patrons of the Senior Center are the best judges of management and supporters of the center. Not someone sitting at a city desk that never uses the senior uses the senior center.

We do not want to lose Griseyda she is a good part of the core and character of the senior center with her always up-beat spirit and boundless energy. I am afraid another instructor will not get me out to exercise class as willingly as she does.

All of you, who agree with my sentiments and reasoning, now is the time to make your voice heard, while these issues can be resolved.  Write your own letters to the editor and make your own phone calls to the City Manager, Andy Barton before we  lose an exceptional senior instructor.


Bobbie Green