It wasn’t long ago that I wrote an article about being vigilant in your surroundings today and the importance of taking the proper time to ensure you have a plan, in the event of a terror or civilian attack; especially among crowds during special events because it will turn into chaos, no matter the situation…I can’t stress it enough. I am deeply saddened by the shootings in Las Vegas during the country music festivities at Mandalay Bay. Hundreds of people hurt, while over 50 had their lives taken; it’s a senseless tragedy that Americans are becoming all too familiar with.

As I quietly sat Monday morning, before I got the news of the mass shooting, my thoughts were on the cities hit by the recent hurricanes and the struggles they have in order to rebuild them. There aren’t enough people with skilled trades today in order to help rebuild their cities faster; plumbers, electricians, masonry’s and other construction trades no longer have an abundance of skilled workers, in fact…there is a shortage of them. Young adults are going to college, as it’s a belief they will make more money with a degree in their hand, when in fact many of them actually end up in something completely different. Where are all the skilled workers today? Not all students need to go to college; remembering the blue collar workers around America, it provided a great way to move up and grow the middle class, while proving that the American dreams existed. I grew up in a time where many men had skilled trade jobs, and it wasn’t unusual for them to retire from those positions; my father was with the same company for over 45 years. I understand that with the recession beginning in 2009, which jobs were lost, buildings were left standing…unfinished, and people either got out by choice or took early retirement. This left a huge void for years following the recession. Yesterday as I watched a segment on Sunday Morning, they interviewed construction workers and their plea for help in hard hit areas by hurricanes. They have more than enough work to go around and not enough skilled workers to do the jobs. They are labor jobs, and many are willing to start around $60k a year… it’s nothing to sneeze at, but like one man said, “it seems as if people don’t want this type of work.”

America is in a crisis of sorts; natural disasters that caused millions to lose everything, leaving many homeless; America’s shortage in skilled workers, so they can rebuild places hit by these disasters. Mass shootings, violent crimes, and haters everywhere across our lands are enough to make us cry. People need to stop hating on one another and find better things to do than protest; shame on the NFL players for bringing that directly to American fans, while bringing even more hate and division among are country. America needs us to come together in peace and put our differences aside. Help those in need; reach out and see what you’re able to do. Go… give to a Blood Drive and help those hundreds in Las Vegas; make a difference, forgive someone from your past or present to lead a more peaceful life. Hate and senseless acts today continue to rise in America, clearly we are in trouble; and I would like to believe that we can come together; believing the American dream is still alive… and so much more! God bless everyone, and may God Bless America.

Make your week count.