Lisa2014_1Emotions are a part of life, but depression is a demon all its own. It doesn’t come with a particular gender or age; however it should be taken seriously and not as someone’s weakness… there are different forms of clinical depression. I am not a doctor, but I have experienced the pain of depression, and it’s definitely part of a different realm… in what we call life. Not everyone will experience a severe depression, though it is most probable you may have experienced certain sadness at any given point through life, even as a child. When the public views depression as a personal weakness, it’s as if it seems to be a personal attack to the party going through the emotions. We are all individuals, unique human beings with a multitude of personalities offering a variety of personal talents… some in very big ways, while others go unnoticed; it’s just a part of life.

Depression is a certain darkness, as if the tunnel you are traveling has a very dim light at the end, yet as you get closer to the light, it feels like a lifetime… and just as it might appear lighter… while you try your hardest to move forward, leaning in… reaching as others might cheer you on, it suddenly becomes a blackout once again. Your hope fades into the darkness … almost as if suddenly that very tunnel had become much longer; it has no end. (This obviously is my own observation.) While a feeling of hopelessness lingers in the soul, it is hard to have visions of the future and becomes a relentless feeling of despair; Thoughts of suicide usually enters the brain as a way to escape… with the inability to see the positives, one focuses more on their setbacks, and… or disappointments. Depression varies from person to person, but it is a very real problem and should not be ignored. In clinical studies, there are certain parts of the brain that appear to be affected, but before treatment can be started, one must identify the type through a series of symptoms and signs… possible causes.

My heart truly aches for the family members of Robin Williams; though I didn’t know him, his suicide brought real sadness and disbelief in my own life, breaking into tears, as I do know and understand the depth of this feeling we call depression. This man had more talent than the average actor and was brilliant, not to mention his kindness for humanity. He was an individual who cared for others and enjoyed making people laugh, whether he knew them or not. He was no ordinary man, and I, among many others will enjoy his films in the years to come. His movies have impacted so many lives; including every age and gender… he is one of a kind. His death will bring even more awareness to the disease we call “depression.” Suicide websites such as offers hotlines throughout the U.S. and the national line is 1-800-273-8255. If you or someone you know is suffering, encourage them to find help. One of the worst feelings… is those that are left behind to deal with the sudden death of a loved one. Robin Williams will be missed by millions across the country, and his talent will be “Unmatched” by any other individual. Tears run down my cheeks as I come to a close on this subject, and they probably won’t be the last… it’s a part of my life, as I continue to search for my own rescuing out of this sadness. “Rest in Peace Robin, you will be missed so very much.”

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