Technology has replaced jobs all over the world, it’s also been necessary for multi-

taskers to be able work 24/7 from anywhere they are… at any given time. Smartphones,

netbooks, slim laptops, and other gadgets have taken over the lives of many, giving new

meaning to the word ‘workaholic.’ It is a constant world of staying connected while

checking emails, text messages, social media alerts and tracking friends as well as

lovers, all from some sort of electronic device. But is this harmful to the general

population? It’s been proven through studies everywhere (Universities such as

Michigan, Maryland and others), that if people don’t take the time to ‘Unplug’ … it can

be harmful when trying to develop our minds, retaining pertinent information and

growing as individuals…we all need to take time to rest. It would be like going to the

gym to work out 7 days a week without a break; our muscles would tire and at times

break down without the proper rest. Our brains’ all need recovery time, to destress and

take in quiet time, including activities such as walking outdoors in a park or on the

beach, listening to music and more, all of which gives us that boost and spark in brain


Keeping things real in life today… takes time and discipline, especially when it comes to

our electronic gadgets. Spending more time having actual conversations person to

person, rather than texting or messaging should be as important as leaving your device

behind when going out to eat with others, and turning them off when in a theater, show

or play…simply put, ‘Unplug.’ So many are addicted to their handheld devices they

should seek out a ‘Digital Detox’ vacation this summer. I had no idea that these types of

getaways existed, but then again…there are lots of things I’m still learning in this field.

California has a few places that caters to this type of retreat, including real-life

experiences, healthier meals, and spa treatments. Then there are the islands, like the

Caribbean, it’s easier to unplug in beautiful surroundings with limited digital services,

and being off the grid so-to- speak. I know for myself, I enjoy being off the grid, and the

feeling of being ‘free’ is as exhilarating as it gets. That’s what I love about cruising on a

ship in the middle of the ocean, no worries, no gadgets and the feeling of warm breezes

on my sun-kissed face…that’s the life I’m talking about! We all need a break from digital

devices… and while I can discuss this over and over again, there will always be those

people that won’t agree; some for the sake of their jobs I suppose. Unplugging should

be as vital as taking a prescription when you’re ill and need it to get better.

There is now something called the ‘National Day of Unplugging’ which is designed for all

walks of life, everywhere…in order to slow down the hectic lives of millions. It will take

place in 2017, March 3-4 th and you can check out more related information at . I would also like to share another wonderful site

that I found full of exciting ways to detox for individuals as well as companies, not to

mention very news worthy, , Browse through some of the articles,

because they are worth the read. As for me, I will choose to ‘unplug’ on that national

day, but I also do so on my vacation, it keeps me grounded. Now if we can just get the

younger generation to understand the importance of unplugging occasionally, it might

help bring people together by communicating more efficiently with one another, while

engaging in the ‘real’ world. It would help better relationships with friends, families, co-

workers and employers; and who doesn’t want that today? I’m all in!

Make your week count.