Work…the four letter word people don’t like to think about. It’s the crack of dawn, and the alarm sounds off…you can hardly open your eyes but you reach for the alarm to shut it off. Then that feeling of dread comes over you, and you know you have to rise up out of that warm, comfy bed, yet you begin thinking… if only you could sleep a little longer, right? Wrong! The bills don’t get paid, you need to eat and so it goes…welcome to adulthood. The workforce has evolved among the millennials, giving more flexibility as to the hours and workplace, something the older generation didn’t have. Not only is it more flexible today, I don’t believe 40 hour work weeks are as common, yet they still want an excuse as to why that cannot make it in. The older generation was taught that if you put in the time, the reward pays off…and you needed a job to support your family, even if you didn’t like it. But that’s not the ‘norm’ today. People don’t want 9-5 jobs and if you’ve noticed recently, many places have half days on Fridays; an example being…doctor offices or local government offices. Trying to do any business on a Friday can be quite challenging, at least in a larger city, and if you’re lucky enough to do so, the employee you are probably dealing with gives you the feeling they don’t want to be there. Sound familiar? Yep, I thought so.

While viewing a program recently, they had gone over excuses that were actually used by employees in the workplace. Beginning with natural illnesses, some will force a cough while lowering their voice on the phone, claiming to have the flu (but most don’t). This is the most common excuse, so let’s get to the ridiculous ones, though there are some valid ones with pets. Excuse #1, my pet has taken ill and cannot be left alone, or…I’m having a funeral for my pet and won’t be in today. #2, my auto insurance expired, my car broke down, my car is missing, etc. #3, food poisoning, cracked tooth from food, broken hand or cut from making lunch to take to work. #4, Spouse was caught cheating the night before, need to take family member for colonoscopy (or self), major fight with significant other, someone called from jail to get bailed out, forgot you had a court hearing.  #5, Pipes broke and waiting for plumber, neighbor had emergency and you want to be a Good Samaritan, I gave blood and haven’t felt well (dizzy), IRS is auditing me; I’m being stalked and need to call police. Then there were these for those in the desert; I fell into a cactus and need to get needles removed, there was a black widow in the bathroom so I can’t get in, my house has a scorpion problem and I have to wait for pest control. So…I must admit here, I never would have entertained most of these excuses, but it’s simply amazing at how ridiculous some of them are, but nevertheless…there will always be people calling in with an excuse. The one I couldn’t believe is… that the pressure cooker exploded in the kitchen the night before and they sustained injuries. Of course many have cell phone excuses, such as lost phone, or alarm on phone didn’t go off. Then there are those who don’t call in or show up at all… clearly most of these people quit, but there are always those that show up the next day regardless and will try and play it off like nothing happened; this always makes me laugh…what are they thinking? No matter how we look at things today, people will always have an excuse as to ‘why’ they can’t go in to work or answer their phone; it’s just life, and like they say in show business…”The show must go on!”

Make your life count.