The Mesquite Police Department wants everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season. We have already received a complaint of Christmas packages being stolen off of front doorsteps after being delivered. Every year, we also receive complaints of packages being stolen out of vehicles in parking lots and driveways. Here are a few safety tips which the Mesquite Police Department recommends to assist you in not becoming a victim of theft this season; If you plan on having online orders delivered to your home, try to have someone home to receive the package. If that is not possible, there are now a multitude of affordable door cameras, or doorbells with a camera built into them which are an effective deterrent to would-be thieves. If the thief does not see the camera, the video recordings are extremely helpful for the Mesquite Police Department in identifying and tracking down the suspect. If you are shopping and have to leave valuable items inside your vehicle, try to hide them in a locked trunk or an area not visible to people walking by. Also, always remember to lock your vehicle doors, especially when your vehicle is parked in front of your own home. If you unfortunately become a victim of theft, please contact the Mesquite Police Department as soon as possible. It is more than likely that we are already aware of similar crimes which could be related, and which we are already actively investigating. The Mesquite Police Department also asks that if you see suspicious behavior, call our dispatch center immediately so we can respond and investigate. Our non-emergency number is 702-346-6911. If it is an emergency, dial 911. Most importantly, please have a safe and Merry Christmas!