For those who have wondered why there is a half-wall built around the new Well 27A site, wonder no more.

The sound wall, which stands at about 30 feet, is to lessen the noise that will be ongoing for several weeks according to Virgin Valley Water District Manager Kevin Brown. “They will be drilling to 1,500 feet 24-hours a day,” he told the MLN. “The wall will lessen the sound.” He also noted that the wall won’t be removed until the well has been installed. “So it will be several weeks,” he said.

Brown and some of his staff hand delivered notices to all residents in the surrounding area that will be affected by the ongoing drilling and construction. The wall will also reduce the effects of the lights that are used at night. So far, there haven’t been any problems.

Two lanes on westbound on Pioneer have also been closed for the past week to allow crews ample room with machinery and materials and to ensure the safety of passersby. Crews estimate it will be about two more weeks before traffic patterns return to normal.