On Sunday, November 27, a resident of the Sun City area of Mesquite reported to the police department that pieces of cubed meat had been found in his yard. The resident, aware of alleged reports of dogs in the neighborhood becoming ill, felt the meat may have been poisoned and contacted the police. Officers collected the meat samples and the Mesquite Animal Control manager sent the samples to a lab for testing. The recently returned lab test results showed the meat had been laced with an insecticide which is moderately toxic to mammals when ingested. The Mesquite Police Department has not received any further complaints, nor reports of sick pets in the Sun City area, and has no reason to believe there is any active danger to pets in the area. Mesquite residents, whose pets experience unusual sickness or exhibit abnormal behavior, should first seek medical help for their pet from a veterinarian, but then notify the Mesquite Animal Control division by contacting 702-346-6911. Citizens are urged to immediately contact the Mesquite Police Department to report suspicious or abnormal behavior so that we can promptly respond and investigate, by calling (702)346-6911. You may also contact the Mesquite Police Department crime tip line at (702)346-8826.