We are back, we started the league up on the 14th and we want to thank our sponsors for their support. The league started out with a tie for first place between Mesquite Lock Doc and Intermountain Golf Cars, winning 16 points. Colonial Management and Mitchell Farmers Insurance won 4 points each against our leaders. City Shoppes won 15.5 points against Smith Financial Group with 4.5 wins. Then we have another tie for third place with 15 points won, A Valley Engineers and Mesquite Elks Lodge competing against Mesquite Chiropractic and Beaver Dam Station with 5 points each.

Oasis Chiropractic won 13 points from Guns and Guitars with 7 wins. Up next we have three teams winning 12 points each, Falcon Ridge Dental, Masters Villas Resort and Bank of Nevada. For their opposition Simplot Silica Products, Freelancers and Foot and Ankle won 8 points each, Right behind them H & R Block and Maves Construction won 11 points competing against Star Nursery and Womens Defensive Weaponry who won 9 points each. We added 2 new teams Desert Gold Realty and Team 24 ( who needs sponsor) with Desert Gold winning 10.5 and Team 24 9.5.

Top Scores in the league: Jim Bixler 277, Danny Barker 276, Darwin Wimer 268, Joseph Keim 264, Ron Galbaith 259. High Series: Joseph Keim 710, James Hartley 699, Don Clark Jr 663, Danny Barker 662 Darwin Wimer 633 and Ron Galbaith 631.