In March of last year I wrote Predictions for the new President: “Trump will start with voiding the executive orders issued by Obama and most of the job killing regulations. All will be dumped in the garbage can of history.”

“Obamacare will be replaced with a free market plan; however, this will be tough and may take until the second year”, (missed this a little, but at least people are not forced to buy it). “Corporate taxes will be reduced to 15% or maybe a bit higher”. Next was, “Personal taxes will be reduced and Estate taxes will generally go away”. The estate tax exemption was only doubled 5.5 to 11 million.

The Supreme Court will get a conservative justice right away and he will get at least two and maybe three judge picks over his term. The Supreme Court will begin deciding by constitutional principles and not the left wing “Living Document” ideology.

The noose will close around Sanctuary Cities. Gang members and illegal immigrant criminals will finally be arrested serve time and finally be deported.

Money will begin flowing in through a tax on remittances sent to countries south of the boarder and Construction of the “Great Wall” will begin. The Border Patrol will be strengthened, supported and excited about doing their job again. (Three out of four is pretty good in the first year).
Negotiations will start with NAFTA, there will be a revised NAFTA, and Mexico will lose-out on getting all the new factories. The Joint Pacific Partnership will also start re-negotiations and it will become a much better deal and be renamed.

Gone will be the nonsense, which says Muslims who kill Americans are somehow victims. The military’s rules of engagement will be changed so they can defeat the enemy with whatever it takes. The bombing campaign will become a campaign instead of the current ballet. Defense spending and the number of service men and women will grow by at least 20%. The spending for weapons will add new jobs.

Iran will find itself back under sanctions. Some will scream but their position is now very weak so they will not be able to stop Trump from imposing new and stronger sanctions and this will be a world-changing event (not there yet).
Trump will not be worried about micro-aggressions or listening to the views of people just because they come from a protected group (but he does listen to real people). We have been a home to more contradictions than anyone can imagine all supported by dinner-party liberals. They simply assume that everyone lives in the same bubble and thinks the same thoughts, (The east and west coasts).

This election was about the people taking some control of their lives back for themselves. It was about hope for a better America, an America that you do not have to apologize for being an American and people do not have to bowdown to the government.

Not bad for the first year but there was some things that were off the radar: The Democrats absolute stonewalling of anything put forward (DACA) and blocking almost all nominations to fill vacancy positions. Someone needs to tell the democrats that their job is to help run the country not block the President from doing the job America elected him to do. We also didn’t expect the constant racket of fake anti-Trump news reporting or ignoring accomplishments.

The good news: Black and Hispanic unemployment at lowest levels in recorded history. More Americans employed than ever before. Moving the America embassy to Jerusalem and the Korea breakthrough were a promise made a promise kept. The speed at which Trump makes things happen is astonishing.