After 4 days of play which included 43 matches and more than 140 tennis balls, the first event of the 2018 Mesquite Senior Games was wrapped up. A total of 44 players came from Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and California. Players enjoyed great and fun tennis at both the Hafen Municipal Park courts and Sun City Mesquite courts.

Players and their friends and family enjoyed two social events:  A fun “turkey shoot” at Sun City and a dinner at Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant both added to the camaraderie.

The results for the following divisions were:


IMG 01: Mixed Senior

Gold: Pat and Lynne Sheehan

Silver: Darcel Prescott and William Glenn

Bronze: Gayle Rhody and Brian Ballard







IMG 02: Mixed Super-Senior

Gold: Linda and Norm Korb

Silver: Lorna and Bill Brooks

Bronze: Jo Merill and Don Lawrence






IMG 03: Ladies’ Doubles

Gold: Linda Korb and Lynne Sheehan

Silver: Cindy Howa and Lisa Good

Bronze: Darcel Prescott and Jodi Smith




IMG 04: Men’s Senior

Gold: Norm Korb and Pat Sheehan

Silver: Brian Ballard and Kent Somerville

Bronze: Tom Prescott and William Glenn





IMG 05: Men’s Super-Senior

Gold: Louie Coletti and Tom Corzine

Silver: Don Lawrence and Ed Neid

Bronze: Ed Andrews an Mark Brackelsberg