This Week in History Jan. 21-28, 2016

Jan. 21, 1916- A meeting was held by the citizens of the valley for the purpose for getting a Grist Mill. J. Lewis Pulsipher was put in as agent for the mill.

Jan. 21, 1916- Hubert Levitt was working hard to install an electric light system in the town and had the water power all arranged.

Jan. 28, 1916- The Relief Society was reorganized with Mrs. Betsy Hardy as President, Mary Ellen and Fila Leavitt as counselors, Annie E. as Secretary and Mary H. Leavitt as Treasurer.

Jan. 28, 1916 A storm raged through Mesquite which blew several roofs off of houses and tore several granaries down. Hughes and Sons had a wall cave in and bury much of the goods.