On Thursday, July 31st, The Mesquite Police Department received a request for assistance from Utah and Arizona Officers, who were involved a vehicle pursuit traveling south on Interstate 15. The information received was the vehicle being pursued was a silver Nissan Altima occupied by one person who had recently robbed the US Bank located at 791 S. Bluff Street,  St. George, Utah.

Mesquite Police Officers took over the vehicle pursuit at the Nevada/Arizona border. The pursuit continued south bound on Interstate 15 reaching speeds of up to approximately 130 miles per hour. The suspect’s vehicle tires were spiked on two different occasions; once by Mesquite Police Officers and once by Nevada Highway Patrol.

The suspect’s vehicle came to a stop on the shoulder of Interstate 15 near mile marker 93. Nevada Highway Patrol and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department assisted in conducting a standard felony stop. However, the driver of the vehicle, who at that point was identified as a female, refused to exit the vehicle and surrender to officers.

Kaur, SandeepAs a result of negotiations the female suspect eventually surrendered to police without incident. The female was identified as 24 year old Sandeep Kaur of Union City, Calif. and was taken into custody by Mesquite Police Officers. Kaur was charged with the criminal and traffic offenses she committed in Nevada, which include: NRS 484B.550.3, Resisting An Officer with a Deadly Weapon (vehicle), NRS 119.280.1, Attempt to Disobey A Police Officer; Endangering Persons/Property, and NRS 484B.650.3, Aggressive Driving.

Kaur will be facing charges stemming from the St. George, Utah bank robbery incident. Mesquite Police Detectives have also received information that Kaur is a primary suspect in other bank robbery cases out of California and Arizona.