Aging isn’t always what we expect throughout our lives, as it comes with aches and pains, but can totally blindside us with those unexpected illnesses we think will never happen to us; yet they do. There are bumps in the road for many aging baby boomers, but we must not be so sedentary in our lives… we must get up and keep our bodies moving. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up we played outdoors throughout the years, unlike the youth of today’s generation that sit behind televisions playing games or surfing the web on their computers all day. We were taught to be active… that it was good for us, and you know what? I agree… it was a much better time, breathing fresh air, being active, interacting with others whether it was at the pool in the summer or playing outdoor games anytime of the year; it was all about staying fit and active in our growing years. So why does it change when we grow older? Well, it’s like I mentioned in the beginning, we get those aches and pains that usually begin in our joints, among other things of course, and it feels like the beginning of the end. It keeps us more dormant and at times we like to sleep more when we aren’t feeling up to par, so-to-speak. But in many studies done around the world it is proven… that the more active we remain, the better chance our bodies will have in order to stay healthier, or at least have a chance of healing better to whatever ails us.

One of the main ingredients to staying fit believe it or not is finding what truly makes you happy. Happiness is the ‘Key’ to success; it boosts your immune system and will bring more joy and contentment, while boosting optimism as well. You’ll find that you will be more likely to interact with groups and involve yourself with activities and new experiences; all of which is proven to longevity in life. You don’t have to get out there and start riding a bike or go jogging to stay fit… you can do it by finding what makes you happy and finding new activities. There are parks and recreation centers that offer classes (for those that want a mental workout), or activities of sorts. When you think about groups, one can think of writers groups, acting (local Plays) groups, line dancers and gamers… thinking along the lines of Chess or Cribbage players; there are all kinds of activities to choose from. As far as being physically active while aging, there are multiple ways of doing that; some of us don’t like the word ‘Exercise’, as we associate that with sweating and more pain. Outdoor activities can be about anything, and include stuff like shuffleboard, flying kites, Horseshoes, Water Balloon Toss and Pickle Ball, which is a popular upcoming game that’s soaring in Senior Communities these days. There are so many things to enjoy, you just have to be diligent and pick one to start with. If any of these activities I’ve mentioned still don’t have your attention quite yet, I encourage you to look up this site as it has many more ideas… .

Staying active and fit for all ages is crucial when it comes to better health. People with disabilities can also benefit with a variety of activities. I have found another wonderful website that is for any age, which is… . Don’t let the word ‘youth’ make you think it is just for the younger generation, this site has ideas for anyone, including those that may be in wheelchairs as well. Make the most of your summer and discover what truly makes you happy, you just might surprise yourself; Stay fit and active.

Make your week count.