On Wednesday, February 18, The Mesquite Police Department’s Investigative Services Division assisted Nevada Parole and Probation in conducting an investigation into a known sex offender.  The investigation involved searching several computers and electronic devices.  The computers belonged to a Mesquite resident who is currently on supervised parole and is a registered sex offender.  The computers contained numerous images and videos depicting incest and the sexual exploitation of children.

The registered sex offender, Timothy Lairby, 71, is currently in custody at the Clark County Detention Center. child exploit

The Mesquite Police Department has initiated a new criminal investigation into multiple felony charges.  These charges are related to the possession of presentations depicting the sexual exploitation of children (NRS 200.730).  At this time, the Mesquite Police Department does not have any evidence that local children are involved or are victims.  Mr. Lairby will remain in custody until the criminal investigation is completed, at which point the Mesquite Police Department anticipates filing the new charges.