Many successful people today are risk-takers (those that take chances in their careers, and sometimes in their personal lives). There’s a fine line though, so while it’s possible it may come with consequences… if the risk doesn’t pay off, it also comes with a heightened euphoria when it does work out; to me… it’s about taking chances and maximizing the subject at hand, of course this is only my opinion. After reading the characteristics and personality traits of a risk taker, it’s a fact that not all risks are always good. So what are the tall tell signs of being a risk taker? Beginning with excitement, those that bore easily usually find themselves looking ahead for any possibilities, leading an open door to many different types of activities. There are those that like to play it safe…and those that will take risks, especially when seeking thrills; such as roller coasters, sky diving, and other sports (usually extreme), but can include sexual or reckless acts. Each individual seeker has different ideas, as to the risk they are willing to take; no two are exactly alike. Psychologists have studied these personality traits for years, including the sensation-seeking…in pursuit of intense, complex sensations and or experiences, not to mention the willingness to do so. It is an act of doing, in order to escalate the feelings which can prove to be euphoric, but also risks a loss. Signs of risk takers are gamblers, smokers, jumpers and even those that do drugs, etc.

People of all walks of life (different worlds) have different ideas and skill sets when it comes to meeting personal goals (on or off the job). Some will process this with methodical thinking in order to achieve something without a loss, while others jump in with an idea, not knowing if it will prove to work and are willing to lose, no matter the cost. It is not always smart to go this route, but can prove to have a big pay-off at times. The success of business is usually composed of smaller risks that eventually return with positive long-term goals. It’s about practicing their craft, in pursuit of what they want. Failure is not an option for those that take the risk, and they continue to get up… if knocked down. Understand here that there are two types of risk takers; high risk-seekers don’t normally hesitate before making a decision, while low risk-seekers contemplate taking a chance, wondering what might happen if they crash and burn so-to-speak. It’s similar to playing the Truth or Dare game; daring is a higher risk obviously. I’m sure if you think back on your life, you might recall playing this game at one time or another. When it came your turn…what did you choose?

I then leave you with these thoughts (quotes) on life, success and risk-takers. “Adventure, opportunity and reward extend beyond our field of vision, and are made known to us only when we test our wings” – Geena Greenlee       “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all” – Helen Keller            “A ship is always safe at the seashore – but that is NOT what it is built for” – Albert Einstein

And while this might make you think about your life and how you are living it, one must remember…risks are hidden opportunities to those who seek, good…and… or bad. “Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; wherever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable.” – Earl Nightingale

Make your week count.