Most of us drive today; in fact it’s unusual when you find someone who may not drive… but those that drive without licenses are a whole other matter. My question is this, “what makes certain people drive vehicles they can’t handle?” I am talking about large vehicles such as an SUV or even a truck, have you seen how some of these people drive? It’s absolutely terrible. Sometimes I wonder… did the salesman put that person in that big vehicle, or was it truly their choice to ‘want’ what they are driving? Lately, this has become a pet peeve of mine.

Once again, it’s summer and there are plenty of construction zones all over the highways and rural roads, but something that makes it more hazardous than it already is… are the drivers behind the wheel of  large vehicles that are afraid to drive through  these areas; such as hesitation in the driver itself. I’ve done a bit of cruising lately and I can’t believe my eyes sometimes! I couldn’t even see the person driving this huge SUV (they were so small); traveling at a pace just ‘under’ the speed limit and afraid to maneuver through the zone, as if they were going to hit the cement wall used in this particular area, so they used both lanes! What the heck, “are you kidding me?!” If you can hardly see over the wheel, maybe you have more vehicle than you can handle really. It obviously was too big for them to judge the distance between the wall and their specific lane, which by the way is a solid white line. So I wondered… do they know that they shouldn’t be crossing a solid line? It’s incredible at the way people drive today; it’s as if they haven’t a clue of the rules that pertain to driving whatsoever. These drivers need a serious lesson when it comes to the laws of driving. It is a serious matter at hand. Also, most of us know  the laws when it comes to cell phone use while driving, but some of these same drivers are all too busy talking (with the phone on their ears), and weaving in and out like they are drunk. What will it take to rid the roads of these kinds of drivers?

Let’s get back to the large vehicles for a second here; as I recall… the other day I was in the left lane and an older gentleman and his wife were on my right coming up to a stop light, and ‘Yes’ they were driving a very large SUV. As we were approaching … about 100 feet from the light, he swerves way out in front of me so he can make the turn! He never looked on his left as he swerved, and needless to say… if he knew how to take the turn properly then there was no reason to do so, he had more than enough clearance to turn right. However, this is an example of the vehicle being too much for him to handle, because he cannot even judge his distance from the curb and his lane. I was in disbelief, and then I wondered… what kind of salesman would put this elderly couple in such a large vehicle? If he would have gone on a test drive with them, I’m sure one would know it was a bit too large for them… Unless, it is what they really wanted, and in that case they should have to take an additional driving course, as in ‘Safety’ … or defensive driving. So many drivers out there are a hazard to others, and I see it every day. Sometimes we want things (like large vehicles), but in reality it’s just not the right choice to make. Unfortunately there are salesmen out there that don’t put the real needs of the customers first; hence … the wrong purchase is then made; though that isn’t always the case. I can only hope that one day there will be regulations that come with certain purchases that pertain to these large vehicles. They are nice in many ways (and I love them)… but that doesn’t mean everyone is able to drive them. So, always be cautious while driving, because the person next to you on the road may not be. Be a vigilant driver and adhere to the rules… it’s simple as that.

Make your week count.