MLN-Honorjan1-15Brett Black received his Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor on Sat. December 27 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He is a member of Varsity Team 998 and a senior at Virgin Valley High School. For his project he organized and ran the “Scouting for food” drive and collected 8 tons of food for the Salvation Army’s food bank. He is the son of Stephanie and Roger Hughes. He earned 27 merit badges along his trail to Eagle Scout which is 6 more than the required 21 badges.

He has also earned his on My Honor Award and he participated in a 50 mile hike in the Unitas earning his 50- miler award.

Dave West, one of his leaders, spoke about Brett’s project and the meaning of the Eagle Scout Award. The main requirement in earning the badge is to “give leadership.” In prior years the food drive was headed by adult leaders but  Brett  set a new standard in the food dive so much so that the Salvation Army had to build new shelves. Dave West said, “I commend you for you leadership skills.  An Eagle Scout is revered because of the diligence and obedience and with these attributes he will have so much the advantage in the life to come – Brett you will have the advantage in your years to come as you go to college and serve a mission and have a family of your own.  People care if you are an Eagle Scout in applying for a job or college.  Eagle Scout on a resume will “shine” above the other applicants. Thank you for your example and your leadership in completing the project. ”
Roger Hughes gave Brett the Eagle Charge and reminded him of the obligations of being an Eagle scout. “The first obligation is to live with honor and is represented by the white on the badge. He said, “Give up anything before you give up your honor and reputation.” The 2nd obligation is to be loyal which is represented by the blue. The 3rd obligation is to be courageous  and is represented by the red. “You are a leader now and need to choose the right no matter what.” The 4th obligation is to serve others.  A leader above all is a servant to others; only in giving of yourself are you lifted and your life enriched. Service is represented by the scroll on the badge. The 5th obligation is to have vision; you must blaze your own trail and  just  as an Eagle looks far into the distance, you must look into your future and set your goals. The silver reminds you of your vision and that by following these ideals you can lead your troop, your community and nation to a better tomorrow.
Kyle Memmott, representing the Virgin River District, presented Brett with an engraved pocket knife.  He said, “Scouting is the place to learn values that build our families and society; the core purpose of scouting is to learn these principles and scouting is the best place to learn patriotism and love of our country.  Kyle Memmott reminded Brett, “Carry these lessons that you have learned with you for I have seen the difference it makes in the lives of young men.”