WCFA’s featured pet is Doogie, a happy Dachshund. His tail moves so fast that the wag has turned to a blur in his photos.



Doogie was found as a stray, wandering the streets of Las Vegas, and then was taken to The Animal Foundation shelter there. No one claimed Doogie, so we pulled him from the shelter, knowing that such a cute and clever little fellow deserves to find a loving home and that we can help him on his way.

Doogie is approximately 2 years old. He has been sleeping through the night in his foster home and going outside to go potty in the morning. He’s enjoying strutting along nicely while walking on leash and is friendly to all the other dogs he’s met.

He weighs just over 15 lbs., has been neutered, micro-chipped, and is current on his shots. 

Other Available Dogs:  

Berkeley has had a bit of a rough start in life. He recently came back to WCFA through no fault of his own because a member of his human family is not well and has ongoing out-of-town doctor visits. Probably because he’s experienced so many changes, Berkeley has a tendency to want to bond strongly with one person, and he can be a little bit over-protective of that individual. We feel he would do best in a home with a woman or a mature couple who understand him and are willing to manage Berkeley’s protective nature. He will need to learn that life is good when he gets a stable home and that there’s no need to be bossy.

Buddy is a happy and healthy approximately 2-year-old terrier mix who loves to be with people. He was pulled by WCFA from the Animal Foundation shelter in Las Vegas and would make a wonderful companion for someone who is home a lot of the time.

Buddy would also love to have another small dog as a companion. He is house-trained and will use a dog door, but he does need a secure yard because he likes to explore and hunt due to his terrier tendencies. He weighs in at about 9 lbs., has been neutered and micro-chipped and is current on his shots.

Available Cats/kittens: 

We have a new group of kittens that will be available in a few weeks. They are going for their medical checkup this week and we will have more information next week on how many males and females will be available. Stay tuned.

Pet Events: Our next pet adoption will be September 10th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at Suite 1, 150 North Yucca in Mesquite. If you have an interest in our adoptable pets please go to wecareforanimals.org to complete an application online. If you want to see one of our available animals before or after our pet adoption, please contact us and we will arrange a meet and greet at everyone’s convenience.

Foster Pet Parents needed: WCFA depends on reliable pet fosters to save homeless cats and dogs. The number of homeless pets that WCFA can foster is determined by its available foster homes. Fostering provides a temporary safe and loving home until adoption.   Please go to wecareforanimals.org to complete our foster application.

Summer and Spay/neuter: Summer brings lots of fun times but it also brings many newborn kittens that often cannot find homes. We are dedicated to eliminating unwanted litters of kittens and puppies through our spay/neuter program. WCFA offers a wonderful low-cost/free opportunity to spay/neuter your pets to prevent accidental litters and keep your pet happy and healthy. Our target areas are Mesquite, Bunkerville and the Arizona Strip. Spay/Neuter Assistance Applications are available at Mesquite Veterinary Clinic located at 371 Riverside Road and Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital at 660 Hardy Way.  You may also call WCFA at 702-346-3326 to leave a message or visit wecareforanimals.org to contact us by email.  Half of all litters born in the U.S. are accidents that overburden shelters and rescues.

WCFA/ANIMAL SHELTER: WCFA is often confused with the Mesquite Animal Shelter. The Shelter is operated by the City of Mesquite. WCFA is an independent cat and dog rescue and is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.   WCFA can be reached at 702-346-3326 (voicemail) regarding adoption, fostering, information regarding re-homing a pet and spay/neuter assistance for qualified pet owners.   Monetary donations are always needed and can be made online at wecareforanimals.org or by mail at WCFA, P.O. Box 3028, Mesquite, NV 89024. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. WCFA’s email address is wcfanv@gmail.com. Visit our website at wecareforanimals.org.   Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/wecareforanimalsmesquitenv.