The downward trend in the valuation of building permits issued by the city of Mesquite continued in January. The city issued 168 permits valued at $7.290 million. That’s down $2.147 million from January 2019.

In January 2018 the city issued 153 permits valued at $12.082 million. In January 2019 the city issued 165 permits valued at $9.437 million.

The year-to-year declines have been led by the value and number of permits for single-family residences. In January 2018 the city issued 52 permits valued at $11.319 million. In January 2019 the city issued 40 permits valued at $8.250 million. This January, the city issued 29 permits for single family homes valued at $6.230 million.

The good news in the January report is the issuance of a permit for a multi-family residence valued at $505,440. The apartment complex on East Mesquite Boulevard is first to be built in more than 10 years in the city.

Pulte Homes, which builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite, took out 18 permits for new homes in January. Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) followed that with five permits.

View Point Contractors LLC received two permits for new homes. Trade West Construction, Jackson Contracting, Southland Electric, and a private builder each received one permit for new single-family residences.

The most expensive single-family home construction permit was valued at $415,116 with the least expensive permit valued at $142,896.

Nine permits for residential modifications valued at $38,745 were issued in January compared to eight permits valued at $39,936 a year ago.

Three permits for commercial modifications were issued in January valued at $27,424. The city issued two permits valued at $339,808 in January 2019 for this category.

One new business permit was issued in January versus two a year ago.

The city issued eight permits for block walls this year valued at $193,328. In January 2019, the city issued 10 permits for block walls this year valued at $255,928.

Permits for swimming pools increased from three last year to six this year.

No grading or demolition permits were in January.