Last week I heard the term, “Star Chamber” and it sparked some memory of a move from long ago. So, I looked it up and found this description, “a former court of inquisition and criminal jurisdiction in England that sat without a jury and that became noted for its arbitrary methods and severe punishments, abolished 1641.”  But what did have to do with the impeachment hearing today in the House of Representatives?

It seems that the Star Chamber meetings were held in secret and the accused had no representative to question the accusers. Since all the meetings were held behind closed doors, no one knew what the charges were or the evidence that supported those charges. In most cases the sentence was death without appeal. This all is very surprising because our court system today lets the defendant confront witnesses, have legal counsel and bring on opposing witnesses.

Except the House hearing on impeachment which sounds just like the Star Chamber, how can that be? Our laws, are the law of the land yet, the Star Chamber is working in secret in our capital. The whole affair against Trump is clearly an attempt to nullify the 2016 election and the will of the people. That has been clear since the day Trump was inaugurated with some Democrats calling for his removal from office even before he moved into the White House.

This fixation with impeachment is destroying the fabric of our country by only focusing on the democrat’s obsession for Trump removal from office at any cost, but not on helping the American people. Trump has done so much with total opposition from democrats. They choose to try and throw out an election result instead of working with a duly elected president. Some may say he was not duly elected but that is some kind of fantasy world. He won the electoral college which we have used since our country’s existence. The claims of interference have been debunked by investigation after investigation.

Who do these people think they are? Superior beings that know what is best for our country regardless of what the people want. How could the people ever choose someone like Donald Trump over one of theirs? These people who elected him live in fly over country, and just do not understand what is best for them. We have a plan to get them out of the arena. We will take over the voting and make president by popular vote. That way the big cities can just elect who they want and since we control all the big cities guess who wins? Is that our future???