During the July 19th meeting of the Virgin Valley Board of Directors, Barbara Ellestad made outlandish and untrue accusations against her colleague on the Board, Sandra Ramaker, and myself

Specifically, she accused Ms. Ramaker of plagiarism in an article that Ms. Ramaker wrote recently and published in the Desert Valley Times and LetsTalkNevada.com. The article was rejected for publication by her newspaper, The Mesquite Local News.

Ellestad referred to a passage in the article that was consistent with a passage in an article that I had written for LetsTalk.  Let me be absolutely clear, Ms. Ramaker had then, has now and will continue to have my permission to quote me, and use material that I have written or published without attribution.

Ellestad went on to accuse me of writing the article. Again, let me be clear, I am not the author of articles published by Ms. Ramaker. I am one of many individuals in this community who Ms. Ramaker consults, listens to and accepts or rejects their concerns.

We do share correspondence, and discuss mutual concerns, but Ms. Ramaker makes up her own mind on what she says and writes.

Michael M. McGreer,

Mesquite, Nevada, 89027