The Nevada Highway Patrol has received several complaints from citizens advising that they are being contacted from a local phone number and solicited for donations on behalf of various police charitable originations. Some callers have stated they were solicited from someone posing as the American Association of State Troopers, Officer Down Charities for the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Nevada Highway Patrol itself. Callers have also stated that the scammer threatens unfair treatment from Troopers should they choose not to donate funds. We want the community to be aware of this fraudulent activity and be sure to protect their personal information.

The American Association of State Troopers is a verified association that is headquartered out of Florida. This association does not call to solicit donations. Additionally, the Nevada Highway Patrol does not operate any charitable organizations at this time.

The Nevada Division of Investigations is investigating this fraudulent activity. If anyone has been solicited for donations or have donated funds, please contact our investigators at 702-432-5225.

Citizens are reminded if they want to donate money to a verified law enforcement charity they can do so through the Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF). The Injured Police Officers Fund does not solicit donations over the phone.