As of May 24, when the first Contributions and Expenses report to the Nevada Secretary of State was due for all candidates running for public office, submitted reports show that Councilwoman Cindi Delaney and council candidate Mike Benham have received the most outside contributions thus far in the 2016 political race.

Delaney’s biggest contributor was Deep Roots Medical worth $1000, the majority of her $1,350 of recorded contributions received. Delaney has been a public supporter of both medical marijuana and the potential passing of recreation marijuana in November for the general election. Delaney also received $250 worth of in-kind donations and an additional $489 by various donors who contributed less than $100 each. Nearly all of her contributions were spent during the reporting period for signs, advertising and a hosted party.

Candidate Mike Benham received his sole contribution from one resident on Valley View Drive for $1,000. His expenses for the period were under $100, even with the purchase of signs.

Council candidate CJ Larsen reported no cash contributions as of May 24 but received $815.45 through in-kind contributions of t-shirts, campaign pens and signs.   She also reported $513.05 for other expenses. 

The rest of the candidates all reported no outside contributions, essentially funding their campaign from their own pocket.

The highest of those is council candidate David Ballweg who personally funded nearly $4,500 of expenses including his signs and advertising.

Councilman George Rapson invested just over $2,100 in his campaign advertising and signs while council candidates David West and Brian Wursten each spent less than $1,000 on materials from their checkbook.