Bacon Wrapped ShrimpBacon-Wrapped-Shrimp-004-enhanced

Shrimp, raw (Medium works well) shelled and tails removed, as many as you like
Bacon (Thin works best) cut in half horizontally, ½ strip for each shrimp
Jalapeno Peppers (Recommend Mezzetta; they hold up better) drained, not rinsed, 1 per each shrimp
Barbecue Sauce (Here it is strictly a matter of taste.  Purchase your favorite and try it.)


Put one shrimp and one jalapeno together and wrap with ½ strip of bacon.  Hold together with a toothpick.  When you have wrapped all of the shrimp, put them on a skewer(s).  Fire up the barbeque.  When hot, about medium, place skewers on grate and cook.  Make sure you have a large spray bottle of water to control any flame-ups.  Keep grilling and turning until the bacon starts to crisp and fat is out of the bacon (do not let burn).  When shrimp are done, remove them from the skewers, leaving toothpicks in the shrimp, and place in a bowl.  Add barbecue sauce to cover and gently stir to coat all the shrimp.

NOTE:  Make plenty.  They are very tasty, and quite messy but worth every bit of it.