NV TOPS 0142 Mesquite chapter held its local Awards Day April 29 in the meeting room of America First Credit Union.

Leader Mildred Pistner led the program for 2 members receiving chapter recognition for being the winners in TOPS Division 4 for the chapter. Suzan Rango was the 2nd place division winner and Shelley Ludwig was the first place division winner. Each received a certificate and pin.MLN-Tops1may14-15 MLN-Tops2may14-15

Shelley Ludwig was then crowned the 2014 chapter Queen for having lost the most pounds in that year. Shelley has lost more than 45 pounds. She will wear the sash and crown at any meeting for the next 12 months and then crown the 2015 Queen next April.  She received a crown charm with her certificate.

Suzan Rango was installed as the first KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) member of the local chapter to reach that goal since Nola Reed was a KOPS and the Nevada State Queen in 2010. Susan joined in September of 2014 and reached her goal weight in February of this year. She received two charms with her certificate.

Guests, family and members were present to honor the two women and celebrate their weight losses.

TOPS meets every Wednesday afternoon in the America First Credit Union at 3:30 p.m. for weigh-ins and at 4 p.m. for the meeting. Guests are invited to come learn all about TOPS at the meetings.