Even though the number of building permits issued in April by the city of Mesquite fell by nine from last year, the value of them rose $1.762 million.

In April 2015, the city issued 103 permits with a monetary value of $2.906 million. This year the city issued 94 permits with a value of $4.668 million.

In the commercial section, no permits were issued this year for commercial buildings or commercial modifications. A year ago one permit was issued for a commercial building and 5 were issued for commercial modifications.

Also, in 2015 the city issued six new business permits while this year only one was taken out in April.

Nineteen permits were issued in April for single family residences with a total valuation of $4.439 million. That’s four more permits than last April with a valuation increase of $1.919 million.

Pulte Homes of Nevada was issued eight permits for new homes with the highest value set at $266,526 and the lowest set at $149,292. NRC and LHSC were each issued four permits for new single family homes with the average price in the mid-$250,000 range. Jackson Contracting took out two permits and Construction West took one permit for new homes.

The city issued eight permits valued at $83,016 for residential modifications compared to 11 permits last April for $46,028.

Block wall permits dropped by half this year at 10 compared to April 2015’s 20 permits.

No grading permits were issued in April of either year while two demolition permits were issued this year compared to none last year.

Year-to-date total permits issued by the city hit 397 compared to 314 permits issued by the end of April 2015. Total valuations so far this year hit $18.410 million compared to $12.666 million this time last year.