Camporee Scout breakfast


Camporee First Aid Station

A Boy Scout Fall Camporee sponsored by the Virgin River Valley District of the Boy Scouts of America was held near Littlefield for boy scouts ages 11-13.  There were about 100 scouts from Littlefield Troop 42, Mesquite Troops 41, 488, 596, 640, 998, 82, 493, Bunkerville Troops 41 and 341sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Troop 60 sponsored by the Elks Lodge. They camped overnight, had a campfire program on Friday night Nov. 21 and activities and competitions on Saturday morning.

The scouts cooked their own supper on Friday night and each troop did a skit, a run-on skit and a song around the campfire.  Some of the scouts built wilderness survival shelters to sleep in for the night.

Judge Ryan Toone, scoutmaster from Troop 998, gave the campfire talk about the great influence scouting can have on young men.  The core values of scouting of being trustworthy, loyal, honest, friendly, obedient and giving service.  He talked about the scout slogan, “Do a Good Turn Daily,” and how small things can help others in a big way.  He told the story of Gail “Hal” Halvorsen, giving service to the children of West Berlin during the Berlin air lift after WWII.  Colonel Halvorsen dropped candy to the children and then his fellow military personal helped collect candy and make parachutes to brighten the lives of the children on meager rations during the time the East Germans closed the border. Col. Halvorsen has often said, “Service is the bottom line to happiness and fulfillment.” Scoutmaster Toone concluded his talk by impressing the scouts that making the core values of scouting a part of their lives can help their community as a whole to be a better place to live.

Saturday morning after breakfast, the scouts rotated through 7 stations.  These stations included a compass course, first aid education class, fire building, a shooting range, plant identification, orienteering course and a 5 mile hike up the Littlefield Mountain.  There were competitions in the first aid class, the fire building station and the shooting range.  Petra Jones of Troop 60 had a backpacking display. She laid out the gear that is needed for backpacking and talked to the scouts about what to take on hikes.  Kameron Mikelson organized the Camporee with other leaders who were in charge of stations. They were Dave West, John Meirhoff,  Loreen Layton, Mark Tichenor, Bevan Reber and Ryan Toone. Some of the scouts enjoyed the compass course and scavenger hunt.  Many of the scouts passed off requirements toward their First Class and Second Class ranks.