Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats.
This week, there were 201 total incidents in the blotter:
ACO Bunkerville Assist
ACO Bunkerville Assist 1
ACO Mohave Co Assist 1
Administrative Report 2
Agency Assistance 15
Alarm 21
Animal Bailed Out 3
Animal Bite 1
Animal Complain 13
Animal Drop Off 4
Animal Euth 2
Animal Owner Surrender 1
Animal Pickup 18
Animal Release 1
Citizen Assist 8
Civil Dispute 1
Controlled Substance Problem 1
Dead Body 1
Disorderly Conduct IP 2
Domestic Trouble 2
Fireworks 9
Found Property 1
Fraud 2
Hit & Run 1
Information Report 1
Inspection 1
Intoxicated Person 2
Lost Property 1
Minor Possessing/Consuming 1
Miscellaneous CAD Call 2
Missing Person 2
Noise Disturbance 2
Parking Problem 2
Person On Foot 2
Phone Harassment 2
Probation Violation 1
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 1
Reckless Driver 1
Recovered Stolen Vehicle 1
Robbery 1
Stolen Vehicle 2
Suicidal Person 1
Suicide 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 11
Suspicious/Person 9
Suspicious/Veh 5
Theft 1
Threatening 3
Tpo Violation 1
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 1
Traffic accident W/O injury 2
Traffic Problem 9
Transport 4
Trespassing 1
Trespassing IP 2
Unknown Problem 2
Unsecure Premise 2
Vandalism 1
Verbal Dispute IP 1
VIN Number Inspection 1
Welfare Check 6

Editor’s note: The following was taken from the pages of the Mesquite Police Department blotter for June 28- July 4, 2015.

June 28:

Probation Violation: An Officer responded to a stolen vehicle report on E Pioneer Blvd. The reporting party was arrested for a parole violation.

Domestic Violence IP: An Officer responded to a Turtleback Rd residence for a reported domestic situation. Officer found the involved parties to be involved in a verbal dispute. Female left the residence for a cooling off period.

June 29:

Agency Assistance: An Officer was dispatched to the emergency room on of the hospital on Bertha Howe Ave for a report of an off road accident.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: While on another call officers located a stolen vehicle on W Mesquite Blvd.  A traffic stop was conducted; one male adult was arrested and the vehicle recovered.

Property Damage, Non Vandalism: Mesquite Officers responded to a Julian Way neighborhood reference property damage. Officer gathered information and documented damages.

Missing Person: Caller on Mesa Blvd reported her father missing and last heard from him while he was in Mesquite. A report was taken and the father was listed as a missing person.

Minor Possessing/Consuming: Mesquite Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for multiple traffic violations. The driver was later arrested for an alcohol offense.

June 30:

Vandalism: Officer responded to a W Pioneer Blvd hotel for a report of Vandalism. A report was taken.

Lost Property: Officer spoke with citizen regarding a lost driver’s license and wanting to report it as a matter of record.

Animal complaint: Officers made contact with a male on N Sandhill Blvd who had left his dog inside his vehicle while shopping. The dog did not appear in stress. The male was given a warning for leaving his dog in his vehicle during extreme heat conditions.

TPO Violation: Mesquite Officers responded to a Hillside Dr. business reference a threatening circumstance. Subsequently a male adult was arrested for a violation related to the incident.

Missing Person: Officers responded to a Mesquite Springs Dr residence to assist in looking for a missing Alzheimer’s patient who had walked away. The individual was located shortly after officers arrived.

July 1:

Fraud: Report taken at W Pioneer Blvd business of fraudulent activity.

Stolen Vehicle: Report taken of a stolen motorized scooter on Riverside Rd.

Found Property: A citizen located a wallet and turned it in to the police department. The wallet was booked into evidence for safekeeping until the owner can be located, and an officer’s report was completed.

Theft: An officer was dispatched to a W Pioneer Blvd store, in reference to a theft.

Trespassing IP: An officer responded to a casino and cited one adult male for trespass violation.

Hit & Run: Officers responded to a reported hit and run. During the investigation, it was determined the reporting party gave a false statement, and was cited for obstructing/giving false statements to officers.

July 2:

Stolen Vehicle: Took a report regarding a stolen vehicle.

Fraud: An officer was dispatched to a N Sandhill Blvd convenience store, in reference to a credit card fraud which had occurred about a month earlier.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: Report of suspicious activity in neighborhood.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: Report of loud noises coming from Mesa Blvd neighbor.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officer responded to a private property traffic accident on W Pioneer Blvd with no reported injuries. Driver exchange forms were completed and provided to each driver.

Intoxicated Person: Pedestrian issued citation for not using crosswalk to cross the roadway and intoxicated pedestrian in the roadway.

July 3:

Noise Disturbance: Officers responded to a noise complaint on Megan Circle. Two adult males were cited for underage drinking, and one adult male was arrested for underage drinking and obstruction/false identification.

Dead Body: An officer was dispatched to a Mesquite Springs Dr residence, in reference to a deceased person.

Controlled Substance Problem: An officer stopped a vehicle for a moving violation at the I15 NB 120 On-Ramp and discovered illegal drugs in the vehicle.  The driver was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and expired registration.

July 4:

Agency Assistance: Officers were dispatched to a person needed medical attention at a N Yucca St residence.  It was determined the person had already passed away.  The Clark County Coroner’s Office responded and processed the scene.

Domestic Trouble: Officers were dispatched to an E Pioneer Blvd casino in reference to a possible domestic battery in progress.  An adult female subject was later taken into custody for obstructing a public officer.

Domestic Trouble: Officers responded to a domestic battery incident between a male and female at a W Mesquite Blvd residence.  Officers discovered the male had committed a battery on the female.  The male was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

Suicide: An officer was dispatched to a Mesa Blvd residence in reference to a suicide.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a non-reportable traffic accident at E Pioneer Blvd & Mesa Blvd. Insurance information was exchanged and no injuries reported.