Clark County Commission pledges almost $100,000 to address City of Mesquite needs.

During the March 1 Clark County Commission meeting, Commissioners approved three outside agency grants to the City of Mesquite. These grants help provide much-needed services for residents in the region.

According to the Clark County website, outside agency grants (OAG) provide services and assistance that benefit Clark County residents. Generally, these OAG funds supplement services provided directly by the County, or are funded in lieu of the need for the County to establish such programs. In the Mesquite region, the latter is the case. County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick explained, “The OAG process is a perfect opportunity for the County to be a partner with the City of Mesquite, working together, to continue providing important recreational services to both city and county residents who live outside the urban valley. Also, because a few more dollars were available this year, we were able to help the Mesquite Police Dept. obtain an essential piece of equipment.”

Mayor Allan Litman also commented on the benefits of working together. “I want to personally thank the Clark County Commission, especially Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick, for working with the City to provide these important services. The City enjoys a productive working relationship with the County. This relationship allows us to cost-share with the County to provide more services for everyone in the region, than the City could provide on its own. It is truly a win-win situation.”

The first two grants, both for $35,000, went to the Athletics and Leisure Services Department. The funding helps offset the costs associated with Clark County residents using the City’s recreation facilities and Senior Center. Athletics and Leisure Services Director Nick Montoya noted, “We have a lot of youth, adults and seniors from the surrounding areas of rural Clark County who want to stay active and engaged. Consequently, they utilize City facilities and participate in City-sponsored activities. We truly appreciate Clark County partnering with us to provide access for all residents of the region to these valuable amenities and services.”

The Mesquite Police Department also received a $28,000 grant from Clark County to replace an outdated fingerprint machine. With this new equipment, residents from the region can visit the police station to get their fingerprints taken, instead of having to drive to Las Vegas. For businesses that require employees to be fingerprinted, the turnaround time for results has been reduced by up to four weeks. Police Chief Troy Tanner expressed his gratitude to the Clark County Commission for approving the funding for this new equipment.