April 19, 1911, Bunkerville: We have been having quite cool weather for the last week, killed some of the tenderer  garden stuff, froze water in the dishes left outside, killed part of the second crop of figs and some grapes.

April 20, 1902: A committee of four was appointed to be in charge of the old folks’ party.

April 25, 1910: George Hebron Bowler arrives in Mesquite bringing his passion for music, teaching choral and instrumental music at the school.

April 25, 1910, Littlefield:  County Assessor F.S. Hunt, and Census Enumerator D.O. Cluck of Kingman were here with here on official business. They speak of glowing prospects of a railroad coming in this country and what a Garden of Eden it would open. They also said the time was fast coming when the dam at “The Narrows” (mouth of the Virgin River Gorge) would be a sure thing. Hurry along gentlemen.

April 20, 1918, Littlefield: A number of young folks went to Mesquite to attend the wedding dance of Mr. and Mrs. Reber. They sure had a good time.