Congressman Cresent Hardy (NV-4) released the following statement on the recent passage of the Omnibus spending package by the U.S. Congress:

“This bill pretends like we can continue to spend without consequence. While there are some good policy adjustments in this package, Congress has passed a sweeping 2,000 page, Frankenstein bill that impacts everything from the IRS to the FDA – in a single vote,” said Hardy. “We owe it to the people of America to research these issues in more depth and stop borrowing from the future without asking questions.”

“This $1.15 trillion package surpasses planned House spending levels in every category except defense,” said Hardy. “At a time when the world is thrown into violent commotion on a near regular basis, lowering spending levels that support our common defense reveals just how out of touch Washington really is.”

“Not only are we adding to our existing federal debt, but we are also breaking our own annual budget levels the House set earlier this year,” Hardy said. “A total of 45 states – including Nevada – already have a balanced budget requirement on the books. Every business and every family balances their budget. It is time to require the federal government to live on a balanced budget – just like our state and the families of Nevada.”

Congressman Cresent Hardy represents Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. He serves on the House Committee on Natural Resources, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and the House Small Business Committee.