Doug Adams speaks to attendees about being prepared for an emergency situation last week. Submitted photo.

The aspects of being prepared to take care of our families during emergencies were addressed last week by Doug Adams, a preparedness specialist from Utah. The program was organized by Victoria Hafen, President of the Mesquite 5th Ward Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “We had this program planned before the recent floods and power outage so when that happened and many people had emergencies we realized it really was timely. That event was short lived but it showed us that we really could have a situation where our families would need to be prepared.”

Among the subjects covered in the presentation were cooking without electricity, family health, emergency food supplies, water purification, and meals using food storage items. Among the more than 70 people attending were leaders from other Relief Society groups in the valley who are taking the things they learned back to their home wards.

Victoria concluded “Mr. Adams was so generous with his time and information. We learned so much and were inspired to start immediately to prepare for those emergencies that we know will come.”