By Jim Carrick

The Mesquite Veterans Center, at 840 Hafen Lane, was established and built by veterans for veterans several years ago.  Since its inception it has done and continues to serve veterans and their families.  Since things tend to change or become misconstrued over time, we the board of directors felt it would be prudent to bring all up to date on what the veterans center does and what connections it has with other agencies.

First of all, the Mesquite Veterans Center is not a part of or connected to any government agency, local, state or federal.  We are not associated with the Veterans Administration or insurance programs.  What we do offer is access to a VSO (veteran’s service officer) that will help veterans fill out paperwork and guide them to the proper channels.  Our current VSO is taking care of some personal issues and may not be available very often at this time, but a paid VSO comes in from Las Vegas twice a month.  You can signup for an appointment with that VSO.  The information is posted on the Mesquite Veterans Center bulletin board just inside our entrance.  Please note that when dealing with our VSO, please be patient as Jim is a volunteer and not a paid individual by the Veterans Administration.  As regular members of the Veterans Center we are not versed in the rules and regulations of the Veterans Administration and therefore will not offer advice.

There was a time when the Veterans Center accepted donations used for rummage sales.  However, we are no longer involved in that endeavor.  There is an organization, the Veterans Assistance Alliance, Inc. that does accept donations for that very purpose.  However, we have no association with that organization so you would have to contact them on your own.

The Mesquite Veterans Center plans to continue its vegetable sales beginning in October on a monthly basis.  In addition we plan on having periodic pot luck dinners as well as some new ideas we may put out there for your approval for our veterans and their families.

Our center continues to house all four of the military organizations; American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America and Modern Warfare Veterans.  If you have business with those organizations it can be completed at the center.

I hope this information is helpful to not only the newer veteran residents of Mesquite, but also to those of you who have been here for awhile.

Beginning August 31, 2015, The Mesquite Veterans Center will go back to its regular hours of operation of Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. During those hours information may also be received by calling 702-346-2735.