As a resident of Mesquite, your Mayor and an active participant of the Mesquite City Recreation Center I am concerned when there are negative comments written about one of our facilities.  I am referring to the Just Sayin opinion written by an unnamed author and published Tuesday, July 28, 2015 in the DVT.

I have a particular interest as I have belonged to and participated almost daily in our center as well as many others since 1968.  They have ranged from a small single room gym to some of the most elaborate health clubs in the country.  My wife and I have belonged to our rec center since July 2004, the month we moved here.

Our rec center is the most comprehensive one we ever belonged to and certainly the most reasonably priced.  We are used to paying around one thousand dollars yearly for far less.

Currently, I teach a three times a week spinning class in part of the complex and then workout in the weight room.  Often on alternate days I just workout.  My wife does the same, so we spend a considerable amount time in the building.  I know every inch of the facility, its equipment, what classes are offered, and its employees.

Lets start with the weight room and its equipment.  Much of it is far from new, but all of it works well and is clean.  If something breaks it is repaired quickly and correctly.  Most of the treadmills were recently replaced and function well.  Other equipment such as bikes, rowing machines and elliptical trainers are used with no problems.  They don’t make noise and are maintained daily by staff.  Our circuit room has newer equipment and is mostly used by seniors. The room is clean and all the equipment is fine.  The free weights are not used as much as the other equipment, and there are way more than are actually needed.  I have never seen anyone standing around waiting to use any of the equipment.  The article says there are several programs for youth, adults, and seniors.  Wrong.  There are numerous classes for all ages going on day and night, far more than anyone could take advantage of.  In addition, there are basketball courts, racquetball, pickle ball, two pools and more. Most programs are included in a very low cost membership fee of just $200.00 for an adult per year. Folks, we have a true bargain here in Mesquite.  My opinion and that of the hundreds of people I talk to at the center is that this is a first class operation.  Is it perfect?  Of course not. What is in life?

The second part of the article questions where the small fee increase went.  No one took it.  It’s all there, but it was never as much as the writer says it was.  Every penny is there and always has been.  It just got put into the wrong account, a simple error that is being corrected.  I think I have said enough about the article other than to conclude that the article is just plain irresponsible reporting by someone with a biased opinion and no knowledge of the facts.  I invite each and every one of you, if you don’t believe me, to come on down to the center and look around.  You will be amazed at what the Mesquite Recreation Center has to offer.