Mesquite’s Visitor Volume report for June was a mixed bag of results with some numbers in the red but more important ones in the black.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority reported that Mesquite’s overall visitor volume in June fell a slight -0.3 percent down by just 276 people when compared to last year. The total number of 97,028 visitors coming to Mesquite is the lowest this year but that simply follows the years-long trend for summer months.

Total room occupancy rates also fell by 0.6 percent from 73.8 percent in June 2014 to 73.2 percent this year. However, the Average Daily Room Rate hotel guests paid for those rooms rose 5.1 percent to $49.84.

One of the most important numbers to hoteliers is Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar). That number increased 4.3 percent from June 2014 to this year coming in at $36.48.

RevPar is calculated by taking the total revenue for the month and dividing by the number of rooms rented for the month. It measures revenue from hotel room rates only and does not include other sources of revenue like alcohol or gaming. It’s commonly used in the hospitality industry to measure the financial performance of and health among hotel operators.

Unfortunately the Total Room Nights Occupied, an indicator of the number of nights hotel rooms were occupied by paid or complimentary guests, fell 2.5 percent from 38,413 last June to 37,464 this year.

One of the brightest spots in June’s visitor report was an increase in Gross Gaming Revenue, climbing 3.9 percent to $7.913 million. While that may not seem like a huge increase, it’s the second largest monthly jump this year in the amount people spent gambling. Only January beat that number with a 6.1 percent increase in gaming revenue.

The Average Daily Auto Traffic counts at the I-15 Nevada/Arizona border jumped a whopping 8.1 percent for the month with 26,689 vehicles crossing the line every day. That’s the largest increase and the highest monthly count for the calendar year 2015.

Mesquite’s sister city to the south, Laughlin, experienced an even bigger drop in its visitor volume in June with a -7.7 percent decline.

Laughlin’s Total Occupancy was down 1.3 percent and Total Room Nights Occupied also dropped 4.7 percent. Gross Gaming Revenues in Laughlin increased 5.5 percent for the month compared to the previous year.

Gross Gaming Revenues for all of Clark County decreased in June by 10.2 percent year-to-year. The Las Vegas Strip was down a whopping 16.3 percent, Downtown Las Vegas increased by 2.3 percent and the Boulder Strip saw a 6.3 percent increase.

Overall, Las Vegas visitor volumes increased 2.4 percent in June 2015 from a year ago.

June 2015 ActualJune 2014 ActualPercent ChangeJune 2015 YTDChange from June YTD
Visitor Volume97,02897,304-0.3%638,4212.2%
Room Inventory1,7061,735-1.7%1,706-1.7%
Total Occupancy73.2%73.8%-0.6%78.7%0.2%
Avg Daily Room Rate$49.84$47.405.1%$56.485.8%
Revenue Per Available Room$36.48$34.9843.%$44.436.0%
Total Room Nights Occupied37,46438,413-2.5%246,503-0.1%
Gross Gaming Revenue (in millions)$7.913$7.6173.9%$60.4172.9%
Avg Daily Traffic@ I-1526,68924,6798.1%24,0786.6%