With winter approaching, the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) urges consumers to be careful when purchasing firewood. Advertisements can mislabel firewood, leading buyers to believe they are purchasing more wood than they are.

Per Nevada law, firewood measurements have specific language. Legal terms for trade of firewood in Nevada are: full cord (128 cubic feet), half of a cord (64 cubic feet) and fourth of a cord (32 cubic feet). Buyers should use caution if sellers use any other terms, which could be an attempt to mislead.

“We receive reports of misleading sales online where sellers create their own terms for firewood,” Mike Gower, NDA Consumer Equitability division interim administrator said. “These terms, such as standing cord, kitchen cord, running cord, face cord, fencing cord, country cord, long cord and rick, are not legal and are often used to misrepresent the amount of wood.”

“The best way to prevent getting shorted firewood is to get the seller’s phone number, license plate, name and address,” Gower said. “Buyers should also ask for a receipt showing the price, kind and amount of wood.”

Should a buyer believe they have been shorted wood, they are encouraged to contact the seller to about the purchase. If the dispute isn’t resolved, they can contact the NDA’s Consumer Equability Division.

The Nevada Department of Agriculture promotes a business climate that is fair, economically viable and encourages environmental stewardship that serves to protect food, fiber and human health and safety through effective service and education. The NDA includes the five divisions of Administration, Animal Industry, Consumer Equitability, Food and Nutrition and Plant Industry.